Diabetic Foot Care Doctor in Pittsburgh, PA

Take a proactive approach to treating your diabetes with the specialized care we offer at our six offices. You already manage your blood sugar through a balanced diet and regular monitoring, but you may not have considered the importance of regular podiatric examinations. MLG Podiatry offers diabetic foot care in Pittsburgh South Hills, that helps patients manage smaller problems before they put their feet at risk.

A standard cut or bruise on the foot may heal quickly for a patient without diabetes. But for those who have dealt with this condition for years, the healing process can be much slower. Diabetes causes nerve damage in the feet over time, and this leads to limited circulation as well. As wounds take longer and longer to heal, the potential for a devastating infection grows. For those who have lived with untreated diabetes for years, the complete loss of one or both feet is a real possibility.

Improve the circulation in your feet and treat smaller issues before they become more significant problems when you choose a podiatrist that understands the unique condition you face. Don’t overlook a little blister just because it seems like a cosmetic issue. Get the treatment you need to keep your feet functional and your life active today.

The Pain of Diabetic Neuropathy in Pittsburgh, pa

When a patient with diabetes develops peripheral neuropathy, the resulting nerve damage can lead to a debilitating level of pain. Beyond the discomfort and misery that this pain can cause, an increase in numbness may lead a patient to overlook a wound that could begin to fester. The patient dealing with this condition will lose their ability to walk if it is left untreated.

Our practice treats a broad array of individuals, including those with sports-related foot injuries. But just because you are not an active athlete doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from a specialist in diabetic podiatry. Balance and coordination are just as important to the diabetic senior as they are to a trained athlete.

Every foot Wound Is Important in pittsburgh, pa

Foot ulcers are more than just an inconvenience when you have diabetes. A significant number of patients who develop these ulcers face the prospect of total amputation. Visit one of our six locations and get a thorough examination. We are ready to answer any of your questions about conditions that may affect you, including mycotic toenails. The infection that leads to this condition could pose an existential threat to your feet and your way of life.

Contact us today to make diabetic foot care a priority in your life. We proudly serve patients in We proudly serve patients in Mt Oliver, Dormont, McMurray, Jefferson Hills, and Brentwood, Pennsylvania, and surrounding communities.