Geriatric Foot Care in Pittsburgh, PA

Protect your mobility and enhance the quality of your golden years when you make geriatric foot care a priority in Pittsburgh, PA. As you grow older, the quality of circulation in your feet can begin to suffer, which leads to sudden pain and discomfort. Each foot is often a leading indicator of other health issues, including arthritis and diabetes.

At every stage of your life, the team at MLG Podiatry is there with the treatment and care you need. The elderly often accept pain and discomfort in their feet as a part of the aging process. Pain can limit your ability to walk and care for yourself, and it can also be a warning sign of more significant health issues on the horizon. That’s why proper treatment and special orthotics are absolutely a necessity for elder foot care.

Our practice features six different locations to serve you, and we work with patients at senior care centers and hospice facilities. Even if you have been very kind to your feet during your life, the aging process can begin to loosen connective ligaments and cause painful pinched nerves. Foot pain can be the result of a number of issues, so it just makes sense to work with a podiatric specialist who understands the unique challenges that seniors face.

Better foot Treatment for Seniors pittsburgh pa

We offer a full suite of podiatric services for aging patients that live on the South Hills. As the elderly population in Western Pennsylvania continues to grow, our practice is evolving to meet their needs. We are seeking referrals from other rehabilitation facilities and nursing homes to provide our patients with better treatment and care.

We are focused on preserving as much of the patient’s mobility as possible. The older a patient becomes, the greater the difficulty becomes with getting to one of our offices. We are prepared to develop a plan for care that fits the needs of the patient. Our approach includes outreach to home care nurses and senior care facilities as well.

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Choose a provider that takes the time to ask the essential questions. We understand that mobility means a great deal to someone in their golden years. Pain shouldn’t be accepted as a baseline for living, and any issue should be examined as soon as possible. Our team is ready to provide you with solutions. Take advantage of our full suite of senior foot care services, including the creation of custom orthotics and more advanced surgical procedures that can relieve the pain of neuroma.

Contact us today for a full suite of geriatric foot care services. We proudly serve patients in Mt Oliver, Dormont, McMurray, Jefferson Hills, and Brentwood, Pennsylvania, and surrounding communities.