Pediatric Foot Care & Foot doctor in Pittsburgh

Listen to what your child is telling you about foot pain and difficulty walking, and bring them to a podiatrist that specializes in pediatric foot care in Pittsburgh, PA. Caring for a child’s feet can be a guessing game depending on their age.

Take the guesswork and trepidation out of caring for your child’s feet, and help them build healthy habits that will serve them well for decades to come. Dealing with complicated foot issues can be painful and traumatic for many children, and that can cause some parents to ignore the problems altogether. Both infants and toddlers face a series of issues that can shape the way they walk for the rest of their lives. When you make optimal foot health a priority at an early age, you can help your children avoid a great deal of discomfort down the road.

MLG Podiatry accepts patients of all ages, and we work with most of the insurance providers that offer coverage to our patients. Take a good look at the shape of your infant’s feet. The pressure caused by restrictive shoes may inhibit the natural development of their feet, and lead to other issues like fungal growth and ingrown nails. Once a child is walking, they may develop problems with their gait. Our friendly team is ready to meet with your child, no matter how young or old they may be.

Practical Solutions for Pediatric Patients in pittsburgh, pa

When babies start to walk, it is hard to corral them long enough to get socks on those little feet. As they walk barefoot through the home and across a pool deck, they may begin to develop skin lesions that grow to become plantar warts. These pediatric warts can be painful, and a child may not be able to articulate the condition they are suffering from.

Instead of just assuming that everything is fine, bring your child in for an examination. Our podiatrists are ready to offer a helping hand and the answers to all of your questions about pediatric flat feet. As diligently as you may clean your child’s feet, they could pick up a case of pediatric athletes foot. Save them the hours of itching and the days of discomfort associated with a fungal infection and get them the treatment they need to thrive.

Orthotics for Results in pittsburgh, pa

Schedule an appointment with our podiatrist as early as possible, so you can catch developmental issues and have them corrected. Our team has the training and experience needed to develop custom orthotics for pediatric patients.

Contact us today for the pediatric foot care your child need to get ahead. We proudly serve patients in Mt Oliver, Dormont, McMurray, Jefferson Hills, and Brentwood, Pennsylvania, and surrounding communities.