Plantar Fascitis Foot Doctor in Pittsburgh, PA

Say farewell to the pain and discomfort associated with plantar fasciitis when you visit one of our offices in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, PA. MLG Podiatry is focused on treating complex issue related to the feet and heel, and that includes the plantar fascia ligament. When this segment of tissue that connects the heel bone to the rest of the foot becomes inflamed, the resulting pain can take you right off of your feet.

Inflammation can be the result of an excessive and extraordinary movement, and the pain can be debilitating. While rest, ice, compression, and elevation can provide the patient with an opportunity to heal naturally, there’s the chance that your inflammation may not go away. Understanding the true nature of your injury is critical when it comes to the treatment process you follow. Treatment plans can range from general care with anti-inflammatory medicine, stretching, and massages, to more intensive care like physical, injection, and soundwave therapy.

Halt the degeneration of your plantar fascia ligament and get the relief you need from chronic pain with a personalized plan for treatment. Repetitive tearing of this ligament can rob you of your ability to stay fit, and your performance on the court could begin to suffer irreparably. Just because the pain in your heels starts to fade away as the day progresses shouldn’t be taken as a sign that everything is alright. You need specialized treatment that only a podiatric surgeon is trained to provide.

The Reason for Heel Ache Foot Doctor In PIttsburgh, Pa

The repetitive impacts your feet endure over the course of a day are absorbed by your heel and the plantar fascia ligament. When the number of small tears this ligament sustains begins to overtake your natural ability to heal, inflammation is sure to result. Instead of rubbing some dirt on it and continuing with your day, make an appointment to see one of our professionals for a detailed examination.

In many cases, rest and ice can provide you with relief from any pain you are experiencing. But you may require medication or even surgery, depending on the severity of your inflammation. An examination can determine the severity of your issue, and this knowledge can help our team deliver a treatment that works.

Transformative foot Treatment Options In pittsburgh, pa

For active professionals who can’t afford to stay off of their feet, we may decide that a plantar fasciitis boot is the right call. Other plantar treatment options include basic stretching and exercises you can do at home. Heel cups and customized orthotics may also be the solution for your particular issue. Surgery is a useful treatment option for other heel issues, which includes any patient with a bone spur.

Contact us today for a full and accurate diagnosis that could prove the existence of plantar fasciitis. We proudly serve patients in Mt Oliver, Dormont, McMurray, Jefferson Hills, and Brentwood, Pennsylvania, and surrounding communities.